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At G2, construction runs in our veins. With our family in the construction industry for decades, it was only natural for us to build a company focused on home remodel and general contracting. One that serves our home; the Colorado Front Range.

G2 Construction is a company for you. It’s a company that is dedicated to creating a transparent process for every construction job. When we stepped out on a limb to start G2, we had our future clients and team in mind.

Our first goal was to create a company that provided the most personable, fair, and transparent approach to remodels and general contracting projects. A company that valued problem solving and refused to let any hurdles stand in the way of flawless completion.

Our second goal was to provide the greatest service on the Colorado Front Range by building the best team of skilled and loyal employees. Taking care of our team and creating a warm, supportive work culture, enabled us to put together a fully dedicated group of professionals ready to do the work.

Life-Long Passion. Skill. Transparency. Problem-Solving. Authenticity. Care. Support. These are the foundation of G2 Construction.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We’re incredibly fortunate to serve our customers through word of mouth recommendations.

Andrew Montoya
Andrew Montoya
What can I say about G2. Professional , Honest , Organized , Detailed, Loyal , Respect and a top notch team. I need more customers like G2. I work closely with Jeff Carlson. Jeff is a good man and I consider him my friend.
Ray Dutchman
Ray Dutchman
G2 recently completed a reroof of our home and I couldn't be more pleased. Working with Jeff was a pleasure because his communication and knowledge made the process stress free for me from start to finish. And his crew worked hard to get it done quickly and their workmanship was second to none. Thank you G2!
Nancy Ritter
Nancy Ritter
Despite harrowing conditions of wind, snow, rain and more wind, Jeff’s team of 8 pros managed to knock out my roof beautifully in one day! The work is expert, and looks great. Highly recommend G2 Construction!!!
Denver Sprinkler
Denver Sprinkler
It has been a pleasure working alongside G2, they deserve a 5+ rating! We are a contractor who has had various projects come across from G2/Jeff. All of our experiences with the company and jeff specifically have been seamless across the board. They provide with outstanding customer service, detail, and customer relation, are punctual, and always out to help the customer. We have partnered with the G2 team for several years now and are delighted and looking forward to a continued relationship. We happily recommend anyone looking for upcoming projects to chat with the G2 team as we believe they will meet, and exceed all expectations. High praises to Jeff & the team, w will continue to utilize & recommend them for the foreseeable future
Exceptional work! Very pleased with the quality of service! We sincerely appreciate the responsiveness to our special needs, and the way they conduct business. Highly recommended this company and hope to be repeat customers.
Chippy Cianci
Chippy Cianci
I just got a new roof yesterday using G2 Construction. The process, from start to finish, was transparent, smooth and respectful. The crew came at 7 am and finished the same day at 7:30 pm; leaving without a trace except for the new roof. I immediately went up on the roof (which I have done for 30 years) and it was magnificent: impressive overall - finishing, materials, - a job well done. I will recommend them to all I know and even strangers. It is much appreciated.
James Gottlieb
James Gottlieb
Fantastic experience with Jeff at G2 on several home construction projects. I was most appreciative of his attention to detail, ownership of the projects, fantastic communication, oversight of all of the work, accurate bidding, and willingness to seek multiple bids that met our budget. We are very happy with the results and will call Jeff at G2 for our next project.
Jessica Broome
Jessica Broome
G2 Construction did an amazing job re-doing all our windows. Came out and measured multiple times, were very flexible with schedules. The framing of the windows is wonderful, even when some hiccups came- handled professionally and wonderfully. Jeff handled everything wonderfully. And Steve and crew did an amazing job removing, installing, mudding, painting/staining, and framing the windows.
Daniel Rosenblatt
Daniel Rosenblatt
The project ended up exceeding our exceptions - full kitchen and basement renovation. Absolutely love the new kitchen - much more functional and the materials/finish are excellent. Not at all surprising that we ran into building code issues in a 50-year-old house - and they were all resolved to the satisfaction of the inspectors.
Nick Wolfrum
Nick Wolfrum
G2 just completed the 2nd home remodel project that they have done for us. The project they completed 5 years ago was the reason that our house sold quickly during the time when house sales were dropping. Our buyers loved everything that G2 did. They just finished a kitchen/living room/master bath remodel in the home moved to, and did another incredible job. They completed the project on schedule and actually under their estimated budget. Their project management is exceptional and their new software allows the client to easily track the project and communicate with G2. All the G2 crews, their subcontractors and the material suppliers they referred us to were professional, and made suggestions that improved the project. Many thanks to Nick Klostermann, Alex, all the G2 crews and subcontractors for another great job. We could not be happier with the job they did.

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Jose Duran, G2 Construction Exterior Remodeling
Jose Duran, G2 Construction Exterior Remodeling

Jose Duran

Jose is a seasoned professional in the construction industry and has been a key member
of the G2 Construction team since 2015. At the young age of 21, he joined G2
Construction as one of the first employees and quickly made his mark with his
exceptional skills and dedication to his work.

With a diverse background that includes experience in roofing, new construction, and
working in the oil fields, Jose’s expertise and versatility have been invaluable to the
company. He swiftly advanced within the company, earning the responsibility of running
the roofing division and managing numerous exterior and interior remodels.

Currently, Jose leads the exterior division at G2 Construction, overseeing a wide range of
projects and ensuring their successful completion. His keen eye for detail and
commitment to excellence have earned him a reputation as a trusted voice in the
company’s management and forward direction.

Outside of work, Jose is a loving husband and father to two daughters. He enjoys
spending quality time with his family and is passionate about renovating his own house.
In his leisure time, he also indulges in playing softball and fishing, balancing his love for
construction with his personal interests.

With his wealth of experience, dedication to quality, and commitment to his team, Jose
Duran is an invaluable asset to G2 Construction, and his contributions continue to
drive the company’s success

Nick Klostermann

Nick is an experienced professional with a strong background in the flooring and renovation industry. With over two decades of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role at G2 Construction.

Nick’s journey in the industry began in Iowa right after graduating high school in 2000 when he took over his parents’ flooring division. He quickly gained certification as a hardwood floor, tile, and carpet installer, and honed his skills in various flooring techniques. In 2016, he ventured to Colorado and started his own successful renovation company, where he was contracted by G2 Construction for projects.

Impressed by G2 Construction’s professionalism and commitment to excellence, Nick made the decision to dissolve his business and join their team. Since then, he has been an integral part of G2 Construction, overseeing residential remodels and also contributing to the company’s website and marketing efforts on the back end.

Aside from his expertise in construction, Nick is also passionate about technology. He constantly looks for ways to leverage technology to streamline jobsites and enhance project management processes. His love for technology and keen eye for detail make him a valuable asset in managing construction projects efficiently and effectively.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys working on his own house and spending time with his two beloved dogs. His dedication to his work, combined with his passion for technology and commitment to quality, make him an invaluable asset to the G2 Construction team.
Jeff Carlson, G2 Construction Windows & Doors
Jeff Carlson, G2 Construction Windows & Doors

Jeff Carlson

Jeff brings a wealth of experience and expertise to G2 Construction as the head of the roofing division and the window and door division. Originally from Iowa, Jeff made the move to California where he successfully managed operations at Dicks Sporting Goods for several years. However, a strong desire to be closer to family brought Jeff to Colorado in 2019, where he found a new home at G2 Construction.

With his exceptional people skills and extensive managerial experience, Jeff quickly made an impact at G2 Construction. He took over the roofing division and his hard work and dedication helped elevate the division to new heights. Recognizing his exceptional abilities, Jeff was also entrusted with starting a new window and door division, which has become a successful addition to G2 Construction’s services.

Jeff’s passion for delivering quality results and his ability to effectively manage teams has been instrumental in G2 Construction’s growth and success. His commitment to excellence and superior people skills have contributed to the company’s reputation as a trusted provider in the construction industry.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys playing baseball, indulging in video games, attending live shows, and spending quality time with his girlfriend. His well-rounded interests and dedication to both work and personal pursuits make him a valued asset to the G2 Construction team.

Jeff’s unwavering dedication, experience, and people skills have played a key role in G2 Construction’s success, and his contributions continue to make a significant impact on the company’s growth and reputation in the industry.
Derek Griess, G2 Construction Owner
Derek Griess, G2 Construction Owner

Derek Griess

Derek is a visionary entrepreneur and the proud owner of G2 Construction. With a passion for construction and a strong work ethic, Derek founded G2 Construction in 2014 and has since led the company to great heights of success.

Derek’s journey in the construction industry started shortly after high school when he began working in the roofing field. With his expertise and dedication to quality work, he soon expanded G2 Construction’s services to specialize in small remodels and roofing projects. His unwavering integrity and exceptional managerial skills have been the cornerstone of G2 Construction’s growth and success.

Under Derek’s leadership, G2 Construction has established a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and fair companies in the industry. His commitment to providing topnotch service to clients and building a loyal and trusted team around him has set G2 Construction apart from the competition.

Outside of work, Derek enjoys spending quality time with his wife, two sons, and daughter. He indulges in his hobbies, including playing basketball, traveling with his family, camping in his RV, and working on his property. His well-rounded interests and dedication to his family and community exemplify his values as a leader and a role model.

Derek’s entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to excellence, and strong leadership have propelled G2 Construction to success, and his vision continues to drive the company forward as a trusted and reliable provider in the construction industry.
Mitch Huisken, Superintendent
Mitch Huisken, Superintendent

Mitch Huisken

Mitch is a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the G2 Construction team, serving as
Superintendent. Originally from Michigan, Mitch made the bold decision
to move to Colorado shortly after graduating from high school in 2018 to be with his
now-wife. His passion for the construction industry and his exceptional work ethic
quickly made him an invaluable asset to the company.

Mitch’s journey with G2 Construction began in 2020 as a laborer, where he gained
valuable hands-on experience in the field. His dedication and hard work did not go
unnoticed, and he was recently promoted to the role of Superintendent.
Mitch’s attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and ability to work well with others
have made him an integral part of the team.

One of Mitch’s standout qualities is his genuine kindness and positivity. He is known for
being one of the nicest and happiest people to be around, always bringing a smile to
everyone’s face. His infectious enthusiasm for his job and the construction industry as a
whole is evident in everything he does, inspiring those around him.

Outside of work, Mitch enjoys pursuing his love for the outdoors by climbing mountains
and spending time with his wife and friends. His adventurous spirit and passion for
nature perfectly complement his role at G2 Construction, where he consistently brings a
positive and optimistic attitude to every project he works on.

Mitch’s dedication, positivity, and genuine passion for his work make him a valued
member of the G2 Construction team. His contributions have already made a significant
impact, and he continues to grow and thrive in his role as Superintendent.

Alex Griess, Superintendent
Alex Griess, Superintendent

Alex Griess

Alex is a skilled and motivated member of the G2 Construction team, serving as Superintendent. He joined the company in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his previous work with various construction companies. Born and raised in Colorado, Alex grew up surrounded by the construction industry, with many family members involved in the field. This background has given him a strong understanding of construction processes and best practices.

Alex’s journey with G2 Construction began as a laborer, where his quick learning ability
and troubleshooting skills were evident from the start. His dedication to his work,
combined with his innate ability to grasp complex concepts, earned him a promotion to
the role of Superintendent. Alex’s commitment to constantly learning and
improving his skills has made him a valuable asset to the team.

With his strong work ethic and determination to excel, Alex is poised to become an
integral part of the company’s growth in the coming years. His ability to adapt to new
challenges and his willingness to take on additional responsibilities make him an asset
to the team and a promising contributor to G2 Construction’s success.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys working out, playing video games, and spending time with
friends. His diverse interests and hobbies complement his role at G2 Construction,
where he brings a well-rounded perspective to his work. Alex’s dedication to personal
and professional growth, along with his passion for the construction industry, make him
a valuable member of the team, and his contributions are sure to drive the company’s
success in the years to come.

Aaron Westhuis, Commercial Project Manager
Aaron Westhuis, Commercial Project Manager

Aaron Westhuis

Aaron is a dynamic professional who has been an integral part of the G2 Construction team. After moving to Colorado in 2018 following his graduation, Aaron quickly settled in and joined G2 Construction, where he has made significant contributions to the company’s success.

With previous experience in the electrical industry and working in a greenhouse, Aaron brought a unique perspective and diverse skill set to his role at G2 Construction. He furthered his education by taking college courses in accounting and business, which complemented his on-the-job experience in the construction field.

Drawing from his firsthand experience as a laborer, Aaron transitioned to the office and provided valuable support from the back end. His keen understanding of the industry and meticulous attention to detail helped him excel in various roles, including running bids and managing numerous large-scale commercial renovations.

Outside of work, Aaron has a passion for sports and outdoor activities. He enjoys playing basketball and softball, golfing, boating, and spending quality time with friends and family. His well-rounded interests and dedication to his work make him a wellrespected and valued member of the G2 Construction team.

Aaron’s commitment to excellence, combined with his strong work ethic and diverse skill set, continue to drive the success of G2 Construction, and he remains an essential asset to the company’s operations.