Dakota blvd

This was a Kitchen remodel located in Boulder, CO, we did right around the time COVID-19 hit. it was challenging to navigate through the remodel process with the building department being closed for around 4 weeks after we demo'd it, but our team and contractors did a great job working with the clients and pushing through. The clients couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. We tore the entire kitchen out down to the studs, removed a bearing post that was in the middle of the room, replaced it with 3-20' LVL's and wrapped it with wood, All new cabinets, all new appliances, new kitchen island, all new quartz counter-tops, a built in breakfast nook with storage and drawers, a custom table made out of the slab from the island, new floor throughout, all new trim, new railings, and a runner down the stairs, and all new paint